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Biography of Egypt and Tami Black

    Egypt travels the world educating youth and adult alike about HIV, Sex, Love and Black History.  He has dedicated his life to changing the world and is relentless in his pursuit.  In the past three years, Egypt has appeared on several media outlets including BET, Apollo, MTV, NBC and ESPN 2 all for his exploits in using comedy, poetry, motivational speaking and acting (Confessional Narration) to educate the masses. In addition, he has also obtained two degrees in Arts and Theater to further his knowledge in entertaining audiences. Egypt is also the person who coined the term "Confessional Narrative", which is widely used to detail this form of activism.

     Tami Black is one of the most popular, dynamic and viral internet sex therapists. Her unique way of adding audacious humor to seldom heard topics makes her something special. With wisdom gained from being a beautiful wife and mother of two, her experience is a blessing to those who follow her. She is finishing her degree in Mass Communications and preparing for a lifetime of success.

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