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Want to Be Part Of The Movement? 

First...what movement? 

The "How Good Is Sex?" movement is based off the Devin T. Robinson X "Egypt" Theory of "When the prey will the hunter" 

What needs to change?

The lion won't run faster or change his hunting technique unless the prey alters their strategy...simple right? Women are the prey. However, the prey is very easy to capture due to many having bad running techniques ( low or nonexistent standards). Thus men don't really have to be...great. Many can simply focus on being "okay" at the most because they know in the end...they will obtain their objective which is the woman. However, if finally women worldwide become fed up and  begin to love themselves enough to not donate any attention to lazy, unambitious and disrespectful men, it starts a trend. 

How do we change?

1. Women MUST ignore, no longer support  images of dead beat men, thugs, losers, gang bangers nor date or have sex with them. 

2. Women MUST inspire their friends to refrain from acknowledging men who wear their pants below their waste

2a. Why does a persons attire matter? Simple...would an employer take him seriously if he was interviewing for a job? are a job. Evidently he does not take himself seriously nor you if he does such. If he dresses like trash, don't be amazed if he treats you the same. Think about it.

2b. Why inspire my friends? If your friends matter, then your words matter. If you entertain losers, odds are...they will as well. If you state, "Grown men should not dress like preteens. That is so ignorant of him. I would never lower myself to date someone like that" your friends will follow in your footsteps. 

3. Women MUST be sure to inform any man who fits the above descriptions as to why you won't give them attention. For example: If a guy approaches you wearing his pants below his waist, you should not donate more attention than uttering the words, "I am a woman and don't associate myself with men who can't respect themselves enough to dress like a man with dignity. No one needs to see your boxers, brother." It may seem harsh but the power is in delivery. Our men need teaching as well. Why should they have the glory of your "pink passion" then "Learn how to be a man" after? 

4. Women MUST learn patience. A man is willing to wait years for a woman. Men will learn how to treat you so they in turn can have you. No matter how long it takes. Don't believe me? Okay, it takes 4 years to obtain a degree and men are more than okay with such a process but are you not worth more than a degree? If you don't believe so...don't read anything on this site. 

5. Women MUST realize that dating a man and "upgrading him" is a horrible idea. It does not work and if there were any times where it did...those are fairy tale like stories where a good woman met a loser and turned him into a boo boo. Only God changes men. No woman will do that while dating him. You give him directions on how to approach a woman and treat one but you don't teach him while dating. When you are dating, it is time to enjoy and grow with a person who is equally yoked. If you two are equally yoked, there is not much fun because you will spend too much time "fixing" him. God changes men, you just give directions and wait. Don't date them and upgrade them...that is a waste of time. 

What can we actively do to make this change?

Everyday you must believe you are worth being treated right, loved and cared for. If you can do that, you won't accept any lesser treatment. Picky and high class women are almost extinct because low class and low standard women are in abundance. Let's change that with our minds and attitudes about ourselves. 

Text message Campaign. 

We want to inspire women daily. Who are "We"? The men who readily and daily think about uplifting those women who are already making correct decisions and the women who desire to avoid making horrible decisions. We plan to do this by simply texting you. If you are a male and wish to help our women, type an inspirational poem, message, rap or song in 50 words or less leave room for your first name, age and College or City. 

Text:  260-227-5446 

If you are a female, just type "FEMALE"

From there we can add you to the campaign. We won't send them daily or  weekly. 

You will receive an inspirational message randomly throughout the month to inspire your path. It starts with you. 

Before I Open My Legs Door Hanger Campaign.

A series of questions to ask yourself before you have sex. This has done a great job of taking the emotion out and inserting the logic in our decision making. Rather than having sex because you are horny, you have to actually reason as to...why? Why is he important enough? Am I truly ready? And What would happen if I get pregnant? These are a dollar a piece (plus shipping) and funds to the AIDS Awareness Poets Inc. 

1 How Good Is Sex? Book

I How Good Is Sex? Book

25 Before I Open My Legs

25 Door Hangers plus shipping and handling

50 Before I Open My Legs

50 Door Hangers plus shipping and handling

100 Before I Open My Legs

100 Door Hangers plus shipping and handling

2 "How Good Is Sex?" Book

2 "How Good Is Sex? Books

500 Before I Open My Legs

500 Door Hangers plus shipping and handling

1000 Before I Open My Legs Door Hangers

1000 Door Hangers plus shipping and handling

2000 Before I Open My Legs Door Hangers.

2000 Before I Open My Legs Door Hangers.

3 "How Good Is Sex?" Books

3 "How Good Is Sex? Books

5000 Before I Open My Legs Door Hangers

5000 Before I Open My Legs Door Hangers

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