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   Many crawl into beds with high dreams of love only to walk away with low nightmares of mistakes. They were under the impression sex would make someone treat them better or love them. 

   Moments after they  gave their bodies, only a painful reality,  of regret and heartbreak were their gifts. This false idea is taught to our children, friends and adults daily. We see quick love, fast marriages and even faster divorces. 

   Barely any top artist inspires youth or adults about the beauty of love...without mentioning sex. No one is teaching, Love Is Not An STD. However Author/Activist Devin T. Robinson X "Egypt" is. Not only has he produced the book, "Love Is Not An STD" he has also made it free. 


Is sex love? Meaning, is sex the way to truly show tell someone, “I love you”? If so…then answer this, “When was the last time God had sex with you?” This book is geared to inspire our current generation to understand love, happiness and self-worth. As decades pass and more broken hearts are left unhealed, men and women everywhere are learning the hard way that Love is Not An STD.