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Sponsoring the "How Good Is Sex?" Audiobook?

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages


1. Title Sponsor 5,000$

Ø     Silver & Gold Package

Ø     20 DVD's of workshop 

Ø     Verbal Mention in Audiobook

Ø     50 Signed Pre-ordered Audiobooks

Ø     25 Signed T-shirts

2. Gold: 1,000$

Ø    Silver Package

Ø    10 Pre-ordered Audiobooks

Ø    Full Page Insert

Ø    5 Signed T-shirts


3. Silver: 500$

Ø    Logo On Website

Ø    6 Pre-ordered Audiobooks

Ø    ½ Page Insert

Ø    Name on promotional business cards


4. Bronze Community Deal: 150$

Ø    ½ Page Insert

Ø    4 Pre-ordered Audiobooks

Program Booklet Sponsors:

Full Page 50$

Ø             3 Pre-Ordered Audiobooks


½ Page 35$

Ø             2 Pre-Ordered Audiobooks


¼ Page 15$

Ø             1 Pre-Ordered Audiobook 


Deadline for submissions are 5pm EST on November 21st.

Pay online on (At the above payment selection) or by Check or Money Order. 

Checks made out to:

AIDS Awareness Poets Inc.

P.O Box 9751

Ft. Lauderdale Florida, 33310 Contact:  260-2ASK-HIM

AIDS Awareness Poets Inc. Non-profit HIV education organization