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   If you are part of a church, fraternity, sorority, college organization or non-profit, book the workshop, "Love Is Not An STD" and get 100 free books to give out to the audience. Rather than the typical 5,500$ plus flight and hotel price, Devin T. Robinson X "Egypt" has insisted on making this workshop series affordable for all. 

   From January until April of 2012, this workshop is available for Flight, Hotel, 100$ day food stipend and purchase of 100 autographed books. In many cases, you can book an inspirational, internationally known, young, highly in demand and amazingly talented entertainer for less than 10% of his normal cost. 


This is all due to his belief that money is not the mission, educating and motivating people on how to love are. 

The new year, let's help our children, friends and adults...let them know Love Is Not An STD. 

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