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Below is a FOX interview with Devin T. Robinson X on Lee Pitts Live discussing the book! 

"How Good Is Sex?" Book Teaser

Sweat beads off your forehead and onto his chest. You both are breathing slowly but heavily as if you two were competing in an hour-long marathon. In this race, he allowed you to come in first, second, third and fourth place. He came across the finish line last. With a forceful yet passionate touch, he grabs the back of your neck and pulls your face closer to his. He looks deep into your eyes then caresses his lips against yours. This kiss melts more than your heart.

Moments ago, you two engaged in a combination of the best you ever had and the best you could imagine. No name could describe his “talent” more so than…too good. Never have you enjoyed pain…so good. In your mind all you want is…more good.

To think, you made him wait months. Realizing your attempts at merely dating him did not deliver the fruit you desired. Giving him a taste of your pink passion was the only answer to an enigma, which battered your brain since you met this young stallion of a man. Being “just a friend” was not enough. You wanted your name and his to coexist in the minds of anyone who thought of you two.

Entering his bedroom wearing only a t-shirt and socks stimulated the commencement of your relationship graduation ceremony. You excited both his thinking vessels. All he wanted was to play teacher and student. Luckily, addition was a part of arithmetic you need.

His math skills were superb. Adding sex to your dating equation brought this new variable. Rather than dinner, movies and laughs, sweet or sour naked wrestling now completed your nightly arsenal. Now, the time of truth arrived. The purpose of your sexual donation was flooding your brain and running out of your mouth.

“Baby?” you say. He replies in his powerful and commanding voice, “Yes, lovely?” With your chest pounding you ask him two questions: “Did you enjoy being inside of me?” He says, “Of course, sexy.” You ask, “Won’t you like to do this more often?” He says, “Babe, I want to do this everyday.” Cautiously, you finally ask “If you were my boyfriend, you can have this whenever you want and more.” He says, “ That is a good idea, but I am not looking for a girlfriend.” Did you hear that noise in those words?

There was a loud shrieking sound which appeared between “But” and “not looking for a girlfriend.” Even a person without hearing could not miss that noise. It was her heart breaking after her failed attempt at gaining a boyfriend through sex gave nothing but a new sex partner on her “ I had sex with” list. This story is nothing new and never gets old but will die.

Many women are trapped in the idea that sex can “get you a man”. That statement is as true as “Eating pig fat will make your eyes better.” The book “How Good Is Sex?” explores the myths about sex and donates truths many men and women won’t want to disclose for fear it may hurt. This book arrives July 4th and can be pre-ordered now on Become part of this powerful Sexual Independence Day when we change the sex game. Will you help change this? I hope so.

Weakness By Righteous Rebel